Developing antibiotic feeding products from herbs

Antibiotics are creating problems for the meat industry, leading to many health issues in livestock and humans. 

Lead researcher: Professor John Brameld

The nature of factory farming has led to the overuse of antibiotics and hormones in animal-rearing practices. The impact of which is proving detrimental – we are seeing greater bacterial resistance and an increase in infectious diseases. This is why our research is concentrated on finding commercially and culturally viable alternatives to the use of antibiotics, to preserve the health of humans and animals alike.

Over the last 15 years, infectious and vector-borne animal diseases have become increasingly prevalent around the world. This project will explore traditional Chinese medicines as a substitute for feed-additive antibiotics in the rearing of pigs and poultry. Our aim is to minimise the use of antibiotics and hormones, address the existence of drug-resistant bacteria and expand access to information to help reduce or prevent infectious diseases – in a cost-effective way.


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