Engaging in Ethics: Using Research Ethics Cards



Lead researcher: Dr Peter Craigon

The Research Ethics cards are a tool designed to support researchers to reflect on the ethical considerations of their research. They are intended to raise awareness, provide knowledge, develop skills and support the reflective ability of researchers. Building on previous work with card-based tools and ethical tools, this project is developing a physical set of cards, similar to playing cards, which can be used by individual researchers or research teams.

The cards pose a number of research ethics questions and prompt researchers to consider the conduct, impact, structural factors and other elements of their research through a set of ‘wild cards’. The card-based approach is designed to be used in a number of ways that can accommodate the needs of the users, for example supporting research design processes through an ‘ethics by design’ approach (in which ethical elements are considered in research projects from the outset).  The Research Ethics Cards are currently under development and will become available in 2021.  

Funded by The Future Food Beacon 


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