Ancient and Environmental DNA Laboratory

The Ancient & Environmental DNA Laboratory (ÆDNA) is a research platform for the isolation, sequencing and analysis of damaged, degraded and low-copy DNA.


The lab capitalises on advances in DNA isolation, sequencing and computational biology to analyse ancient, environmental and other low-copy DNA from a variety of sources. This allows researchers to address new questions across biology, environmental science, evolutionary biology, geography and archaeology.

 ÆDNA applications

Although ÆDNA is part of the Future Food Beacon and based in the School of Biosciences, it is a platform for interdisciplinary research, and has strong connections with the Department of Classics and Archaeology, School of Geography, and School of Life Sciences. ÆDNA is the first ancient and environmental DNA laboratory at the University of Nottingham, and the only facility of its kind in the East Midlands.

Watch our short introductory videos to find out more about what ÆDNA has to offer.

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