Adolescent Mental Health and Development in the Digital World

This project is externally funded by the Medical Research Council.

There is a youth mental health crisis in the UK coinciding with a new 'digital environment' where being online and using social media has become integral to young people's lives.

The University of Nottingham partners the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Oxford, University College London, University of Auckland, Kings College London to address a varied programme of research exploring research challenges in adolescence, mental health and the developing mind.

This programme will enable multidisciplinary teams, to conduct pilot projects, build partnerships with key stakeholder and facilitate the exchange of knowledge.  Research will address how the digital environment influences brain development and function, mental health and mental health problems, risk behaviours, bullying, loneliness and social isolations and also how digital technologies can be harnessed to promote positive behaviours and mental well being. 

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