Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology

A multi-site centre engaging with East Midlands manufacturing companies seeing to incorporate industry 4.0 within their operations.

Industry 4.0 (Digital Manufacturing) is an umbrella term for the application of digital information for the enhancement of manufacturing products, processes, supply chains and services. Industry 4.0 uses vast amounts of data to support the manufacturing of new products in more efficient, sustainable, agile and cost-effective ways. In order to embrace Industry 4.0, companies need help to use metrology (the science of measurement) to deliver data relevant to the quality of a manufacturing process which can be trusted and is traceable to national standards.

The Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology (MCDDM) is a multi-site centre established by the universities of Nottingham, Coventry and Loughborough, aimed at addressing gaps within the measurement capabilities of those high-value manufacturing companies seeking to incorporate Industry 4.0 within their operations.

MCDDM is seeking to engage with manufacturing companies of all sizes with facilities based in the English Midlands. This can either be achieved through direct membership of MCDDM, or via a participating industry association.

MCDDM will develop and offer services including integration research, adoption methodologies and training in data-driven measurement science and its application in digital manufacturing. This capability is new in that it has a clear focus on digital manufacturing and delivers the embedding of the specific research and dissemination strengths of the universities matched to the needs of industry partners. The project will provide a pipeline of trained engineers with relevant skills to ensure the UK is competitive in the Industry 4.0 economy.

Introduction video

Start date: MCDDM is scheduled to commence operations on 1 October 2020

Outputs: Smart optical coordinate and surface metrology, Measurement Science and Technology, 34(1), 2022


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