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September 2022

The Manufacturing Metrology Team and the University of Nottingham are excited to be part of a new European project looking into decarbonising the glass manufacturing industry by using hydrogen as a fuel for furnaces (H2GLASS).

This is one of the collaborative research projects that will be supported by the Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology with in-house expertise in surface metrology and data-rich metrology to satisfy the quality needs in this manufacturing challenge.

Background of the project H2GLASS

The replacement of fossil fuels with hydrogen is a current need in the glass manufacturing sector with many challenges around hydrogen generation.  This is part of the 2050 vision for the Sustainable Development Goals and, this context, the Horizon Europe project H2GLASS will start operations in 2023 with the aim to create this decarbonising transition in the manufacturing of Glass and Aluminium.

To read more about the background of the project and information about the partners, visit:


Posted on Tuesday 18th October 2022

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