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28th - 30th September 2022 

Members of the Manufacturing Metrology Team (University of Nottingham) attended a special interest group meeting for structured and freeform surfaces hosted by EUSPEN and the University of Huddersfield UK

Structured and freeform surfaces play an important role in current technologies in the areas of optics, biomedicine and energy applications. The special topics of interest in this meeting included:

  • Replication and additive techniques
  • Structured surfaces to affect function
  • Precision freeform surfaces 
  • Large-scale surface structuring
  • Advanced nanomanufacturing and metrology 

In the photograph, the head of the team Dr Samanta Piano and members of the Manufacturing Metrology Team presented the following topics:

  • Dr Helia HooshmandVerification of the approximate Beckmann-Kirchhoff model on a series of sinusoidal profiles.
  • PhD candidate Athanasios PappasDetermination of the contribution of topography fidelity on the measurement of a tilted optical flat using a virtual instrument.
  • PhD candidate Ahmet KocaMicroscale Surface Structure Analysis of Additively Manufactured Ti Alloy Parts.
  • Dr Samanta Piano on behalf of Dr Mingyu Liu: SURF-FIT: A universal fitting method for structured surfaces - oral presentation.

The Manufacturing Metrology Team would like to thank the organising committee and hosts from the University of Huddersfield for this euspen's Special Interest Group meeting on Structured Freeform Surfaces.  We found vibrant discussions with peer members of the manufacturing metrology field and we look forward to keeping collaborations. 

Abstracts of these research works can be read in this link or the links below:


Posted on Wednesday 19th October 2022

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