Advanced Materials Research Group


The Biomaterials sub-group within the AMRG has a strong research portfolio both in fundamental research and development of medical devices to improve human health.

The main focus of this group has always been on developing novel advanced biomaterials and their processing and manufacturing routes. Key and important aspects of the work within the group are its interdisciplinary nature and close collaborations and interaction with other academic, clinical and industrial collaborators both nationally and internationally.

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Current research interests span atomic scale characterisation of amorphous structures and development of novel biomaterials for regenerative device applications focussed on osteochondral and bone tissue repair. The group has also established glass production labs and glass fibre (melt and preform derived) drawing capability and expertise. Research is also focussed on biodegradable and synthetic polymer structures, porous materials, fully resorbable glasses, biocomposites reinforced using nanoparticulates and short and long fibres, bioceramics, bioactive and antimicrobial surfaces and degradable metals. 


Advanced Materials Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
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