Advanced Materials Research Group
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We have a range of novel surface modification techniques, capable of both modifying and coating a range of material types.

Processes include pulsed electron beam irradiation – the only example of which in the UK is at Nottingham, electrical discharge coating and electrolyte jet machining.

We aim to produce a large range of surface morphologies and coating types with particular focus on wear resistant materials for the aerospace sector and biocompatible coatings for the biomedical industry.

Surface modification

Surface Modification


Our processes uniquely allow us to tailor surface morphology across a range of length scales, and a range of materials, from ceramics to superalloys.

Our surface modification techniques complement the suite of industrial scale processes at Nottingham such as thermal spraying and laser processing, providing a highly customisable post-process step.

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Electrical Discharge Coating

We are working with Mitsubishi Electric to develop the next generation of wear resistant coatings which can be incorporated as part of a regular EDM machining process. Through detailed microstructural and mechanical testing, we are workin at the cutting edge of next-generation metal coatings. 

Electron beam irradiation of next generation bio-implants
We are developing hydroxyapatite (bone) biocompatible coatings for the next generation of titanium implants. Using the unique pulsed electron irradiation process, we have developed a technique for rapid porosification of hydroxyapatite for enhanced cell attachment.

Advanced Materials Research Group

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