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Materials for Vascular Surgery?

Mr Ganesh Kuhan MD,FRCS kindly agreed to speak to the EPSRC Biomaterials Discovery programme grant and associated researchers on Tuesday 11 September 2018 in the Boots Science Building, University of Nottingham. Mr Kuhan is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon in the Department of Vascular surgery of the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS trust.

Ganesh and the Programme Grant got in touch over a shared interested in developing a new graft surface material.  In vascular surgery they do bypass surgery of blocked arteries and also use stent grafts to treat aneurysms. There are 2 problems they face: sometimes after stent grafts, a thrombus forms i.e. a blood clot.  This can potentially cause blockage which can lead to limb loss. Hence, a stent graft material which is less thrombogenic would be beneficial. The other problem they have is that grafts are prone to infection.

The Biomaterials Discovery team were fascinated to hear Mr Kuhan’s talk, and to see potential end users for materials they’re working on.

This open event is run by the EPSRC Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery. They hold sessions ~every 6 weeks where someone talks about their key issues/challenges relating to their area of interest and how new materials might offer solutions. 

Graft infection
Posted on Thursday 13th September 2018

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