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Reducing the 'Oh No' Moments


Francesco Pappalardo gives his talk

The Biomaterials Discovery Programme Grant held their seminar on Thursday 11 October and Francesco Pappalardo gave a talk as part of this series. 

Francesco’s talk was entitled 'Reducing the 'Oh No' momements - Practicality of decision making'. He asked the audience whether they have ever stopped and wondered how best to approach a challenge. During our careers there are often moments where we have to make a decision. At times these are crucial and sudden, and a choice must be made even when we are completely unprepared for the consequences. This talk-workshop tackled the philosophy of decision-making and introduced strategies to help remove “analysis paralysis” to allow us to make sensible decisions in both our professional and personal lives.

Francesco is a PhD student on the EPSRC funded Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery in the School of Pharmacy. His main supervisor is Felicity Rose. Francesco joined the project in 2016 working on novel polymer microparticles and their influence on mesenchymal stem cell behaviour, mainly associated with Research Challenge 3 (Advanced Materials for 3D Stem Cell Differentiation and Regenerative Medicine).

It was a great opportunity to hear Francesco speak about something which has benefitted his work and for the Programme Grant team to get together.

Posted on Friday 12th October 2018

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