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Plastics - Will They Destroy or Save The World?


Cameron Alexander gives his talk

The Biomaterials Discovery Programme Grant held their seminar on Thursday 4 October and Cameron Alexander gave a talk as part of this series, called 'Plastics - Will They Destroy or Save The World?'

Current publicity and even the new WasteNott Campaign imply that 'plastics' are evil and to be avoided. The talk looked critically at plastics use and featured some new developments in polymer science which could transform our world completely.

Recently plastics (or should we say polymers?) have been in the press a lot and programmes such as 'Drowning in Plastic' draw attention to the negative side of plastics. Degradable polymers are already available but come at a price so often the best answer is recycling. Cameron discussed the use of synthetic polymers for information storage and electronics.

The School of Pharmacy was also involved in the ‘Plastics Inside Us’ exhibition at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in 2016.

Cameron is Professor of Polymer Therapeutics in the School of Pharmacy and Head of the Molecular Therapeutics and Formulation Division. He is also Co-Investigator and lead of Research Challenge 2: Systems Based Advanced Drug Delivery, on the EPSRC funded Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery.

It was a great opportunity to hear Cameron speak about his previous work and for the Programme Grant team to get together.

Posted on Friday 12th October 2018

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