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Summer Student Presentations

Summer students involved in the EPSRC Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery and the Wellcome Trust ‘To stick or not to stick’ project, presented their summer projects on Friday 17 August.

 KareemMohamed-web Kareem Mohamed

  • Kareem Mohamed’s placement is with Adam Dundas and Francesco Pappalardo on the Biomaterials Discovery grant. Kareem has been looking at novel functionalised polymer biomaterial microspheres via fluid based methodologies.
  • Sumana Shrestha’s placement is with Mahetab Amer and Marta Alvarez-Paino on the Biomaterials Discovery grant. Sumana has been investigating the impact of microparticle design on cell attachment and proliferation for regenerative medicine applications.
  • Kayleigh Coates’s placement is with Alvin Teo on the Wellcome Trust project. Kayleigh has been studying bacterial cell-material interactions.
  • Sam Horton’s placement is with Jamie Thompson on the Biomaterials Discovery grant. Sam has been investigating the roles of GAGs in stem cell differentiation.

Sumana-web Sumana Shrestha

Kayleigh-web Kayleigh Coates

 SamHorton-web Sam Horton

It was great practice for them to present their work to an audience and to get together towards the end of these placements
Posted on Monday 20th August 2018

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