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The Second Annual Biomaterials Discovery Workshop open lecture

Prof Clemens van Blitterswijk, Maastricht University, gave a lecture to over 100 people on 17th January at the University of Nottingham. Staff and students from across the University of Nottingham as well as some external visitors attended his presentation entitled: “Dealing with complexity in regenerative medicine: from cell to tissue, organ and organism.” This fascinating talk on his world leading research was part of the Second Biomaterials Discovery Workshop which will be held annually at the University of Nottingham, associated with the EPSRC Programme Grant in Next Generation Biomaterials (EP/N006615/1).

Prof Clemens van Blitterswijk described the work around building platforms that either help them to understand the interaction between living and synthetic materials better, or at least allow them to deal with them. They use two major strategies in one of Merln’s labs the laboratory for complex tissue regeneration: directing cell shape at either the single or multiple cell level and using the principles of cellular self assembly. These two principles are then combined with high throughput technology that allows them to deal with very large numbers, essential when dealing with complexity.


 Clemens giving the lecture.

The third Biomaterials Discovery Workshop will take place in January 2019.

Posted on Monday 22nd January 2018

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