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Flexcelle will re-imagine the assembly of nacelle products by utilising reconfigurable assembly tooling to minimise the reliance on bespoke assembly tooling.  This will reduce programme costs, reduce development and manufacturing lead-times, increase productivity and enable an agile response to product variation or demand.



UoN Objectives

Design, mature and demonstrate the following:

  • a manufacturing cell to facilitate the assembly of the full spectrum of products within Safran Nacelles’ portfolio
  • a tooling system capable of reconfiguring to accommodate the range of products delivered by Safran Nacelles
  • an automated system capable of accurately locating one component relative to another without the need for bespoke, hard tooling
  • the automated inspection of product characteristics
  • integration of digital manufacturing technologies with Safran Nacelles’ production processes.


Industrial Application

A generic, reconfigurable assembly system will help Safran capture market share from competitors by reducing the cost and development cycle time required to deliver nacelle products to new aircraft.

Project Team

  • Prof. Svetan Ratchev
  • Alison Turner
  • David Bainbridge
  • Dr Peter Kendal



Industrial Lead


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Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing

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email: Svetan.Ratchev@nottingham.ac.uk