Coating Materials for Energy (CME)
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High Temperature Controlled Environemnt Test Rig

Facilities and equipment


Controlled Environment High Temperature Rig

Steam Oxidation Test RigSteam Oxidation Test Facility


Dymet low pressure cold sprayDymet low pressure cold spray

Erosion-corrosion test rigErosion corrosion test rig

Grit blastingGrit blasting


Metjet IV- HVOF sprayMetjet IV HVOF spray

Mechanical millingMechanical milling


Particle image velocimetryParticle Image Velocimetry 

High Pressure Cold SprayHigh Pressure Cold Spray


Suspension FeederSuspension feeder

Suspension PreparationSuspension preparation

GTV TopGun SS suspension spray gun

GTV TopGun SS Suspension Spray Gun

TopGun Suspension Spray-3

TopGun Suspension Spray

6 axis Robot6 Axis Robot

Coating Materials for Energy (CME)

Room C55, Coates Building
The University of Nottingham
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Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 3795