Advanced materials

New materials are key to the development of energy technologies and can pave the way to exciting new research.


Our scientists are driving the development of new materials with interdisciplinary research spanning physics, chemistry, chemical and electronic engineering. This aims to explore the links between the synthesis and processing of materials, the development of their microstructure,and their useful functional properties across a range of energy related applications.

Examples of our projects include:

  • Exploring the behaviour of power plant materials and structures to ensure that they can accommodate the move to renewable energy
  • Identifying cathode materials to allow lower operating temperatures for solid oxide fuel cells, thereby promoting their commercialisation
  • Developing novel organic materials for flexible photovoltaic cells
  • Controlling the quantum behaviour of electrons to develop improved novel semiconductor materials

The adoption of new materials helps secure the long-term, reliable, safe and economic operation of existing power plants under changing conditions and a need for increasingly flexible operation.



The academic theme lead for Advanced Materials is:

David Amabilino
EPSRC/GSK Professor of Sustainable Chemistry
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