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Energy Newsletter, April 2024

Featuring the UK Energy Storage Conference hosted at the University of Nottingham by Professor Seamus Garvey, an international workshop, a £70 million investment to decarbonise future transport, and a Vice-Chancellor's medal winner.

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EPI2SEM-Amalia-Patane 2024

Energy Newsletter, December 2023

Featuring another successful annual Energy Summit hosted in the Senate Chamber on University Park campus, a new test engine facility to accelerate net-zero shipping, award nominations, and videos celebrating the success of the Propulsion Futures Beacon

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Energy Newsletter, September 2023

Featuring new projects and collaborations, a large funding award for battery research, and a series of successful workshops. 

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Energy Newsletter, May 2023

Featuring next generation battery research, revolutionary change for aerospace, decarbonisation of heat, decarbonising the food cold chain, the FEED-MT smart grid, clean energy hubs, and offshore energy.

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Energy Newsletter, February 2023

Featuring the launch of the latest Energy Capability Statement, sustainable propulsion for the RNLI, reducing fuel poverty, an international collaboration to examine oil and gas strategy and MASI (Metal Atoms on Surfaces and Interfaces.

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Energy Newsletter, September 2022

Featuring the Midlands Energy Summit, hydrogen professorship for Martin Dornheim, BBC features for Lucelia Rodrigues, vehicle to grid technology, the net zero video competition, and the energy crisis.

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Energy Newsletter, June 2022

Featuring Rachel Gomes MBE, Seamus Garvey discussing hydrogen aviation fuel, the launch of the Power Electronics and Machines Centre, new Drax partnership, EVs to power homes, ammonia for clean marine, an Energy for Business case study, and Trent Basin's REA award.

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Energy Newsletter, March 2022

Featuring hydrogen innovation, sustainable fuels for rail freight, decarbonising road freight, net zero cities, Mason Infotech business case study, electric vehicle battery research, net zero dairy sustainable oceans and the future of the international gas market.

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Energy Newsletter, December 2021

Featuring COP26, climate leaders at Trent Basin, the Midlands Energy Summit, oil and gas industry policy and social licence, vehicle to grid, retrofit of existing housing, tackling energy waste, ocean regulation, electric flight with Air Race E and preserving peatland

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Energy Newsletter, September 2021

Featuring the next energy summit, nanocluster discoveries, the new Power Electronics and Machines Centre building, Ocean-REFuel, smart factories, a new partnership with Mitsubishi to decarbonise acrylic and a Cabinet Office visit to Trent Basin for COP26 video.

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Energy Newsletter, June 2021

Featuring the East Midlands Hydrogen Innovation Zone, behind the meter billing, sustainable energy for all, biochar trials, hydrogen for refrigeration, heat networks and CO2 removal technologies.

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Energy Newsletter, April 2021

Featuring the relaunch of the University of Nottingham Energy Institute, climate change and river systems, sustainable fuels for F1, microgrids in China and onshore solutions for offshore wind, new focus on energy challenges and cross cutting themes.

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Energy Newsletter, February 2021

Featuring the solar car project, new business support for Leicestershire, hydroelectric power for Cromford Mills, Propulsion Futures beacon input into policy, new project to explore options for supply of energy, challenges for the oil and gas industry.

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Energy Newsletter, October 2020

Featuring the launch of Project:Nottingham, the Trans-Mid CO2 emmissions collaboration, advice to UK Government on heat networks, ERA Big Ideas, the new GeoNetZero centre and the forthcoming Energy Summit.

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Energy Newsletter, August 2020

Featuring research into ammonia fuelled engines, ERAs energy from waste initiative, Trent Basin, top 50 women engineers awards, introducing Dr Grace Guan and a focus on the Propulsion Futures Energy Devices lab. 

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Energy Newsletter, June 2020

Featuring the fight against COVID-19, ERA Big Ideas for energy innovations, a new appointment for Dr Alison Mohr (pictured), GeoEnergy testbed update, green roofs and the latest energy news and events.

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Energy Newsletter, April 2020

Featuring support in the fight against COVID-19, kinetic energy generated by inertia, medium duration energy storage, chemical bonding of dye molecules and oxide, decarbonising heat and hot water and how we worked with Totally Brewed to help save energy.

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Energy Newsletter, February 2020

Featuring rainwater to decarbonise grid, F1 tech to reduce road car emissions, inertia energy storage, partnerships with China, Indulge In case study, high performance computing and deep machine learning with a focus on the Driving Research and Innovation programme.

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