Innovative energy projects

We conduct research and work with partners to bring research from the laboratory into the real world. 

Over 150 academics and researchers conduct multi-disciplinary research to contribute to an impressive portfolio worth over £60m, funded by government, industry and the European Union. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Offshore wind turbines

Ocean REFuel

Unlocking ocean renewable energy

Cargo ship

Clean marine

MariNH3 explores sustainable marine transport

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen storage

Research for the energy transition


Sustainable rail freight test rig

Sustainable rail freight

HyDEX accelerates transition

Professor Colin Snape with biochar

Biochar to store carbon

Nottingham led project quantifies the potential

Electric car charging

Ultra-fast charging

Albatross aims to improve electric vehicle batteries


Advanced electron spectroscopy

Advanced Electron Spectroscopy

Examining surfaces at the atomic level

Inverter controls

Power converter optimisation

A new generation of motor drive technologies

Cargo ship transporting goods

A fair economy for carbon targets

Addressing challenges for policy makers


People protesting

Power to the people

Helping communities join the energy revolution

Image of oil rig at sea

Desperate times for petroleum?

Addressing challenges for extractive industries

Food refrigeration

Dual-use hydrogen energy storage

Providing sustainable cooling for the food chain


Natural gas extraction image

Energy transition

Minimising the impact of energy transition for the oil and gas industry

Trent Basin community housing

Community energy

Trent Basin provides a catalyst for change

Wind turbine

Wind power

Managing demand with wind power


Reducing traffic emissions

Cleaner transport

Eliminating CO2 throughout the logistics chain

Climate change graphic

Climate change adaptation

A promising industry from wasted wealth