A vision for the future

The Energy Institute brings together the expertise of the University with that of stakeholders from external organisations to address the challenges to society of transitioning to green and sustainable energy. 

Climate change, environmental pollution and human rights are some of the key emerging global and national energy challenges that require addressing. This is reflected by regional, national, and international policies and net zero targets implemented by governments and local authorities. Developing sustainable energy solutions is key to addressing these global challenges.

We must develop and adopt energy technologies and infrastructures, raise and enhance awareness of energy and climate change matters, and support social and environmental change across multiple geographies and scales, if we are to transition to a future energy system that enhances clean growth and human well-being and that is sustainable and just. 


These solutions require unprecedented integration of our research across social sciences, engineering, science, and the living world.

Through innovative research and collaboration, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our vision is to develop real-world solutions to complex socio-technical challenges that result in demonstrable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable growth for the planet.

Professor David Grant - Director of the University of Nottingham Energy Institute