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User-centred design for seniors in exergames 

Several commercial exergames are enjoyed by seniors, but most existing exergames are actually designed with children or young adults in mind. Despite the fact that balance and rehabilitation of elderly can be maintained and improved through exergames, there aren’t many that are specifically designed for this age group or consider potential barriers for older users. These include poor eyesight, hearing or motoric skills, as well as other health conditions that might limit their abilities.

We are collaborating with the Northern Research Institute on this project, which aims to define a user-centred design protocol for exergames development. The main feedback for this is coming from an AAL co-funded project entitled: GameUp: Game-Based Mobility Training and Motivation of Senior Citizens.

A number of different user-centred design methods are being used as part of the protocol, which is being developed and evaluated with 16 seniors over a period of two years in Tromso, Norway. 

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