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William M Whitmer

Senior Investigator Scientist, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Dr. Bill Whitmer is a Senior Investigator Scientist at Hearing Sciences - Scottish Section, Division of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland. Dr. Whitmer was born in the former screw-making capital of the world (Rockford, Illinois), and now lives in the former ship-building capital. He has a background in perceptual psychology, though he is oft mistaken for an audiologist or an engineer. He has devoted most of the last two decades of research, both in industry and academia, towards better understanding and alleviating hearing loss. His recent work has focused on evaluating new technologies in hearing aids and understanding the perceptual relevance of technological benefits for patients. Dr. Whitmer is a member of several societies, participates in the Scottish Tinnitus Advisory Group and gives occasional lectures at local universities.

Expertise Summary

Sound localisation (dynamic/static; simple/complex), Acoustics (perceptual relevance; simulation); Audiology (psychophysical evidence to practice; outcomes).

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