Our research

A model of a human ear

Our research

Our research aims to find innovations that can lead to improvements in daily living for people who have hearing-related problems.


For over 45 years Nottingham researchers have studied how the auditory system works, how and why it can go wrong, and what we can do to help those with problems by technology or treatment strategies. Some of our current projects can be found under the headings below. 

A participant wearing headphones adjacent an ear model

Decoding the auditory system

The brain circuity of hearing, how auditory perceptions arise, and how people listen in everyday situations


A researcher looking at multiple computer screens

Measuring abillity

Core-outcome scales, development of hearing-test materials and methods, objective measures, and ecological momentary assessments

A participant with a hearing aid undertaking a study on a tablet

Understanding disability

Listening by individuals with hearing-related problems with or without hearing devices or cochlear implants, deep phenotyping, and determination of patients’ priorities


Three glass heads, the foremost with electrode cap and headphones, the middle with an electrode cap.

Advancing treatment

Telecare, hearing-device fitting methods and potential treatments for tinnitus


Hearing Sciences

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