Hearing Sciences
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Aguirre, Sergion/aEnvelope Icon
Akeroyd, Michael0115 74-86928Professor of Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Alfandari Menase, Defnen/aMarie Sklodowska-Cure Early Stage ResearcherEnvelope Icon


Baguley, David01158 232635Professor in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Broome, Emman/aResearch Fellow in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Buck, Bryonyn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon
Burke, Louise0141 242 9672Research AssistantEnvelope Icon


Daniel, Mat0115 9709 224Honorary Consultant LecturerEnvelope Icon
De Boer, Jessica01157486921Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Dewey, Rebecca01158232638Research Fellow in NeuroimagingEnvelope Icon


Fackrell, Kathrynn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon
Figgens, Sharon0115 748 6902Administrative AssistantEnvelope Icon


Hadley, Lauren01412018766Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Hall, Deborah0115 823 2644Professor of Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Hazle, Dawn01159708767ESIT Training Administrator / Administration AssistantEnvelope Icon
Henshaw, Helen0115 8232606Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Hoare, Derek0115 82 32630Associate Professor in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Holman, Jack0141 242 9683Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Howell, Patrick0141 242 9670Chief Audilogist/Lab ManagerEnvelope Icon


Kelly, Jan0115 823 2617Unit AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Kitterick, Padraig0115 823 2626Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Krumbholz, Katrin0115 74-86941Scientific Programme LeaderEnvelope Icon


Lavens, Andrew0141 242 9665Systems AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Lloyd, Charlotte0115 74 86909Administration ManagerEnvelope Icon


McCune, Jade0115 823 2629PA to Dr Pádraig KitterickEnvelope Icon
McIntosh, Owen0115 82 31013Technical Services Operations ManagerEnvelope Icon
Mcshefferty, David0141 242 9676Research Support OfficerEnvelope Icon
Millar, Bonnie0115 82 31754Musculoskeletal Project ManagerEnvelope Icon


Naylor, Graham0141 242 9666Professor of Hearing Sciences, Section DirectorEnvelope Icon
Nicoras, Ralucan/aEnvelope Icon


Pierzycki, Robert0115 82 32829Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Rose, Vicenta0115 8232608Operations Director (hearing and imaging themes)Envelope Icon


Seifi Ala, Tirdadn/aEnvelope Icon
Sereda, Magdalena01158232625Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Smith, Samuel0115 748 6946Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Smith, Sandra0115 8232634Research AssistantEnvelope Icon
Sollini, Josephn/aNottingham Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Somerset, Sarah0115 8230860Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Wallace, Mark0115 7486943Senior Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Ward, Angela01412429665AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Weston, Jane86902HR Administration OfficerEnvelope Icon
Whitmer, William M0141 242 9667Senior Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Wiggins, Iann/aSenior Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Zobay, Olivern/aBiostatisticianEnvelope Icon

Hearing Sciences

Division of Clinical Neuroscience
School of Medicine
University of Nottingham
Medical School, QMC
Nottingham, NG7 2UH

telephone: +44 (0) 115 82 311290