Hearing Sciences
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact


Aguirre, Sergion/aEnvelope Icon
Akeroyd, Michael0115 74-86928Professor of Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon


Baguley, David01158 232635Professor in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Beechey, Timn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon
Bramley, Beverlyn/aResearch Projects OfficerEnvelope Icon
Broome, Emman/aResearch Fellow in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Buck, Bryonyn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon


De Boer, Jessica01157486921Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Dewey, Rebecca07762187556Research Fellow in NeuroimagingEnvelope Icon


Fackrell, Kathrynn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon
Figgens, Sharon0115 748 6902Administrative AssistantEnvelope Icon


Godfrey, Matthewn/aResearch AssistantEnvelope Icon


Hadley, Lauren01412018766Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Hazle, Dawn01159708767ESIT Training Administrator / Administration AssistantEnvelope Icon
Henshaw, Helen0115 8232606Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Hoare, Derek0115 82 32630Associate Professor in Hearing SciencesEnvelope Icon
Holman, Jack0141 242 9683Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Howell, Patrick0141 242 9670Chief Audilogist/Lab ManagerEnvelope Icon


Kitterick, Padraig0115 823 2626Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Krumbholz, Katrin0115 74-86941Scientific Programme LeaderEnvelope Icon


Lavens, Andrew0141 242 9665Systems AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Lloyd, Charlotte0115 74 86909Administration ManagerEnvelope Icon


Mai, Guangtingn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon
McCune, Jade0115 823 2629PA to Dr Pádraig KitterickEnvelope Icon
McIntosh, Owen07929 666 450Technical Services Operations ManagerEnvelope Icon
McLaren, Andrewn/aResearch AssistantEnvelope Icon
Mcshefferty, David0141 242 9676Research Support OfficerEnvelope Icon
Millar, Bonnie0115 82 31754Musculoskeletal Project ManagerEnvelope Icon


Naylor, Graham0141 242 9666Professor of Hearing Sciences, Section DirectorEnvelope Icon
Nicoras, Ralucan/aEnvelope Icon


Pierzycki, Robert0115 82 32829Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Porter, Esztern/aPhD StudentEnvelope Icon


Rose, Vicenta0115 8232608Operations Director (hearing and imaging themes)Envelope Icon


Seifi Ala, Tirdadn/aEnvelope Icon
Sereda, Magdalena01158232625Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Shehzad, Muznan/aResearch AssistantEnvelope Icon
Smith, Sandra0115 8232634Research AssistantEnvelope Icon
Sollini, Josephn/aNottingham Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Somerset, Sarah0115 8230860Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Spriggs, Ruthn/aResearch FellowEnvelope Icon


Wallace, Mark0115 7486943Senior Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Ward, Angela01412429665AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Weston, Jane86902HR Administration OfficerEnvelope Icon
Whitmer, William M0141 242 9667Senior Investigator ScientistEnvelope Icon
Wiggins, Iann/aSenior Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Zobay, Olivern/aBiostatisticianEnvelope Icon

Hearing Sciences

Division of Clinical Neuroscience
School of Medicine
University of Nottingham
Medical School, QMC
Nottingham, NG7 2UH

telephone: University Park +44 (0) 115 74 86900
Ropewalk House +44 (0) 115 82 32600
Glasgow +44 (0) 141 242 9665 email:hearing-research@nottingham.ac.uk