Mixed Reality Laboratory

Final event of the Performing the Future project

Nottingham Contemporary (The Space) Weekday Cross Nottingham NG1 2GB
Saturday 30th June 2018 (12:30-17:30)
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Dr. Rachel Jacobs from the MRL invites you to "When The Future Comes…"

At Nottingham Contemporary (The Space) Weekday Cross Nottingham NG1 2GB 
Sat 30th June 2018 12:30 – 17:30pm BST 

An afternoon of talks, artworks and a workshop that looks to the future as the environment and climate is changing. The afternoon will explore how we can respond to these changes through a combination of art, science, technology, and in our everyday lives.

Book here: http://www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/event/when-future-comes


Dr John King, Senior Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, artists Rachel Jacobs, Frank Abbott (Nottingham), Juliet Robson (Oxfordshire), Wallace Heim (Cumbria), Caroline Locke (Nottingham) and Matt Watkins (London), Dominic Price, Horizon Digital Economy Research, (University of Nottingham) and Prof Esther Eidinow, Professor of Ancient History (University of Bristol)

With financial support from Arts Council England, the University of Nottingham and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. In collaboration with Fate, Luck, and Fortune: Narratives of Environmental Risk

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