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Talks by Annie Quandt and Richard Ramchurn

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 5th May 2017 (12:00-13:00)

Annie Quandt - Giving and receiving feedback in Language Learning

Having recently co-presented a talk at the IATEFL conference in Glasgow, this MRL talk is a reflection on the presentation and the relevance to my PhD project. The conference co-presentation aimed at combining a very practical classroom-driven perspective with a more theoretical/ academic digital perspective. Thus, the presentation offered an insight into activities that help learners to gain trust in their own language learning abilities, by reflecting on their learning processes and planning their individual learning. The examples included the use of student logbooks, presentation portfolios and travel diaries. In the second part of the presentation I looked at multi-modal feedback in mobile assisted language learning (MALL), provided examples and related various aspects of MALL to the autonomous language classroom. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss my reflections on the relevance of this talk to my project at the MRL lab talk.

Richard Ramchurn

This talk is framed in the process if iterative Practice-Led Research, specifically how our recent study and connected theories can feed into and inform ongoing practice. I will reflect on some recent research and focus on how that may influence new and upcoming forms of practice. In our recently submitted CSCW paper we explore cooperative interactions with a brain controlled movie. I will provide a brief over view of the results of the paper and its conclusions before focusing on future work and specifically what can be learned that can be applied to our upcoming film "The MOMENT".

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