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Guest Speaker: Myriam Lewkowicz

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Tuesday 29th August 2017 (12:00-13:00)
Myriam Lewkowicz

Myriam Lewkowicz

Myriam Lewkowicz, Professor at Université de Technologie de Troyes, will give a guest seminar in the Mixed Reality Lab.

Studying Healthcare in Domestic Settings, A CSCW Perspective

The presentation will describe the development of a research program on socially-embedded digital technologies that entails a theoretical-empirical and a technological dimension simultaneously. This research program has been implemented in the domain of healthcare in domestic settings, and will be illustrated with work done in the framework of 2 european and 1 French projects.

The objective of this program is both to contribute to the understanding of the phenomena that underpin cooperation and collaboration in this domestic context, and to contribute to the sustainable development of society by designing digital technologies that fulfill societal needs (here related to an ageing society). 

The presentation will start by a description of the research approach and its theoretical and methodological foundations (practice-based research, design case studies, ...), and will be followed by 3 illustrations: 2 related to the goal of fostering interactions among elderly people at home, and 1 related to the issue of coordination among home care actors. The first two examples come from 2 european projects in the Ambiant Assisted Living framework, and build on the concept of social support. The third example comes from a large research/industry project supported by an inter-ministerial fund in France, and builds on the knotworking concept.

About Myriam

Myriam Lewkowicz is Full Professor in Informatics at Troyes University of Technology (France), where she is head of  Information System Management teaching branch and Tech-CICO research group (part of UMR CNRS 6281).

She is graduated from Univ. Paris 9 Dauphine (Master of Research - 1997) and achieved her PhD at Univ. Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie in 2000 on “Designing Groupware for cooperative Knowledge Management”. She obtained her Habilitation in 2012 at Compiegne University of Technology on "The role of models in designing systems for mediated collective practices - methodological, conceptual and instrumental contributions to an interdisciplinary research in CSCW.

Her interdisciplinary research focuses on how to move from understanding ethnographically collaborative innovative practices toward the design of socio-technical solutions. The main application domain of her research for the last 12 years has been healthcare, in particular in the areas of fostering social interactions among people in difficult situations, and supporting new coordination mechanisms within healthcare.  She is one of the founders of the ActiveAgeing LivingLab (ENoLL) in UTT. She was the french coordinator of 4 european projects in the active and healthy ageing domain (SEACW, FoSIBLE, PaeLife, TOPIC). 

Myriam Lewkowicz is part of the EUSSET steering committee and has served on multiple program committees, including serving as the scientific co-chair for CHI 2013 and CHI 2014 for the sub-committee “Beyond the Individual” (with Mark Ackerman), ACM GROUP 2014 Working papers co-chair (with Stephan Lukosh and Michael Muller); ACM GROUP 2016 papers co-chair (with Michael Muller), Communities & Technologies 2017 General Chair (with Markus Rohde); ECSCW 2017 Exploratory papers co-chair (with Aleksandra Sarcevic); ECSCW 2013 Work In Progress co-chair (with Tommasso Colombino),  COOP'10 papers co-chair (with Volker Wulf).

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