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Talks by Hanne Wagner and Chung Chua

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 24th November 2017 (12:00-13:00)

Hanne Wagner

My talk will consist of two different parts. The first part will focus on the lab’s equipment system and the second part will be about my current impact activities through the Horizon CDT impact grant.

The MRL’s current equipment booking system has now been in place for a couple of years. This talk is meant to remind and introduce lab members old and new to how the system works. Issues discussed will include how the system can be accessed, what it can offer and who is currently on the equipment team.

The second part of the talk will discuss current plans for a workshop I am working on as part of my Horizon CDT impact grant. The workshop is aiming to introduce games as tools for political engagement to activist and political campaigners, enabling them to come up with their own ideas for games to further their current activist activities.

Chung Chua - Developing a Better Hand Prosthesis

There has been significant development in materials, designs and manufacturing of upper-limb prostheses which should translate into effective products. However despite more advanced prosthesis being available on the current market, there are high rejection rates. These devices need to be functional, lightweight, intuitive to control and affordable in order to be successful. This presentation covers the work that has been carried out at the Centre of Additive Manufacturing to solve some of the challenges faced by upper-limb prosthesis users, in order to design a better prosthesis.

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