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Talk by Juan Pablo Martinez Avila

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 1st June 2018 (12:00-13:00)

Juan Pablo will lead this week's lab session with a practice of his NIME 2018 paper.

The Problem of DMI Adoption and Longevity: Envisioning a NIME Performance Pedagogy

This paper addresses the prevailing longevity problem of digital musical instruments (DMIs) in NIME research and design by proposing a holistic system design approach.
Despite recent efforts to examine the main contributing factors of DMI falling into obsolescence, such attempts to remedy this issue largely place focus on the artifacts establishing themselves, their design processes and technologies. However, few existing studies have attempted to proactively build a community around technological platforms for DMIs, whilst bearing in mind the social dynamics and activities necessary for a budding community. We observe that such attempts while important in their undertaking, are limited in their scope.
In this paper we will discuss that achieving some sort of longevity must be addressed beyond the device itself and must tackle broader ecosystemic factors. We hypothesize, that a longevous DMI design must not only take into account a target community but it may also require a non-traditional pedagogical system that sustains artistic practice.

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