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Talk by Sarah Martindale

C60 Computer Science Building
Friday 29th June 2018 (12:00-13:00)

Sarah Martindale will give a talk in the lab this week.

Innovating at the Interdisciplinary Interface? Current and Future Challenges

In the absence of a standalone piece of work in a finished state, I plan to use this opportunity to initiate a conversation, rather than deliver a presentation. Alongside, and intertwined with, my role at the CDT, I'm currently pursuing a number of strands of research activity, which I will outline in this session. These include involvement in qualitative components of ongoing MRL performance-led projects, plus an complementary AHRC Fellowship. Underpinning these ongoing activities is the imperative to establish a coherent profile, and develop a sustainable career, at the interface of arts research and digital innovation. I will sketch some routes by which this might be achieved.  Collaboration is central to the work I've done, am doing and want to continue to do, so I hope the lab community will offer feedback, share ideas and together discuss what we can offer one another in the context of MRL research.

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