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Talks by Marie Dilworth and Joe Strickland

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 26th October 2018 (12:00-13:00)

Marie Dilworth and Joe Strickland, who are joining the Mixed Reality Lab from the Horizon CDT, will give introductory talks on their PhD.

Marie Dilworth - Measuring Mood with Wearable Technology

My talk will be an introduction to my PhD research: The purpose of this PhD is to find an objective way of measuring trends in mood over a period of time, in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with daily life or influence the measure itself. The hypothesis is that by prototyping novel forms of wearable technology, to gather and classify data about posture and movement from the upper body, that mood may be predicted from this data. Laban Movement Analysis will form the basis for the interpretation of posture and movement data into mood data. Such a technology could present a viable alternative to mood measurement by questionnaire, potentially improving the outcomes for the long-term management of mental health conditions by helping the wearer to reflect upon trends in their mood and consider how they are affected by different interventions.

Partner Organisation: Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre (Mental Health & Technology)
Supervision: Joseph Marshall (MRL) & Elvira Perez Vallejos (BRC)

Joe Strickland - Using interactivity, augmented reality, and audience personal data to tell enjoyable stories.

For my PhD project I will be creating a series of media experiences, presenting them to audiences, and investigating how content creators can craft enjoyable stories using new or near future consumer technology. We'll be looking at which combinations of interactivity and narrative, which uses of augmented reality, and which uses of audience personal data make stories enjoyable. By answering these questions we'll be able to better guide content creators that want to tell stories using new and near future media.

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