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Talks by Laurence Cliffe and Velvet Spors

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 16th November 2018 (12:00-13:00)

Laurence and Velvet, who are both Horizon CDT students joining the lab, will give a presentation on their PhD. Following this, a CHI review clinic will take place.

Laurence Cliffe - Realising personalised and collaborative interactive music performances and audio experiences

For my lab talk I will introduce my PhD research topic which involves the development of a framework through which users can perform and create personal, collaborative and interactive audio experiences.

It is envisaged that through my research, informed by a series of practice-based studies and iterative design stages, a framework can be developed that would enable and facilitate music producers, sound artists and curators, to realise both collaborative and personalised, interactive audio performances and experiences for their audiences and participants.

I am currently working on developing a mobile dynamic audio interface and progressive web application that fuses elements of the Web Audio API with a listener’s location and orientation data in order to place virtual audio sources in physical spaces relative to the listener.

By attempting to associate personal audio content with a specific location, and to physical, real-world artefacts, I aim to determine the frameworks potential for adding value to existing sound arts practice, adaptive musical content delivery and the delivery of dynamic audible content within cultural and heritage institutions and events.

Through the course of my initial research, potential opportunities and ideas for the application of such a framework, and also potential opportunities for it’s study, have emerged within areas and events such as silent discos, the delivery of audio archival content and Pokemon Go-style collaborative musical production and cultural exploration experiences.

Velvet Spors - Self-Care and Introspection in Interactive Museum Experiences through Implied Interconnectedness

Currently, most mental health technology (mHT) is influenced by a medicalised, clinical understanding of mental distress as “mental illness”. These ‘interventions’ (mostly) tend to be created for individual, solitary use. They are also designed to be used in user’s own private space, with the aim to start a process of cognitive restructuring in the user. In my PhD research, I am investigating alternatives to this status quo, outside of the medicalised space. I aim to explore the potential of combining humanistic psychology with mHT. This means the creation of empathetic, non-judgemental spaces for self-care that also allow for a collaborative, semi-public setting (“Can technology support people in ‘healing’ together?”).

CHI Reviews Clinic

The annual collective digestion of CHI reviews and rebuttal strategy clinic takes place directly after the lab meeting.

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