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Talk by Teresa Castle-Green

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 15th February 2019 (12:00-13:00)

Teresa Castle-Green, a PhD student in the lab, will lead the lab meeting with a talk focusing on her recent PhD work.

Designing with Data

The hyped ‘vision’ for the Internet of Things (IoT) sees large quantities of sensor data being made available from a plethora of ubiquitous connected devices. This data lends itself to the production of secondary or value-added services. The practical reality of designing these services, presents some significant challenges for design teams. This talk will discuss an ethnographic case study, looking at the prototyping of an advice-giving chatbot using smart thermostat data, within a commercial Research and Development team. I will discuss the team's approach to the work and the ways in which they organised the data to add value for the customer. 

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