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Talk by Jacqueline Hicks

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 29th March 2019 (12:00-13:00)

This week, Jacqueline will give a talk about how two of the biggest online populations in the world, India and Indonesia, are handling personal data issues.

International Politics of Personal Data

US Big Tech like Google, Amazon and Facebook are facing unprecedented levels of criticism all over the world. In some parts of Asia they are accused of practising a kind of “digital colonialism”, mining domestically generated personal data and expatriating all the profits back to the US. This talk will present initial findings from a field trip to Indonesia and India. While there are intense political struggles between US Big Tech and these Asian governments, India is initiating a unique economic alternative called the India Stack. This is a set of software platforms built around an enormous personal data set that the US companies do not have access to – the national identity registry. With countries like Singapore publicly supporting the internationalisation of this approach, is it a future alternative to the current US-dominated personal data economics?  

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