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Talk by Luke Skarth-Hayley

Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space
Friday 26th July 2019 (12:00-13:00)

Luke Skarth-Hayley, a Horizon CDT student, will give the final talk of the year, presenting his Practice-Led Project work to the lab.

Comparing Embodied and Controller-based VR Locomotion Effects on Navigation and Spatial Memory

This talk will discuss the structure and findings of Luke's Horizon CDT Practice-Led Project (PLP), supervised by Joe Marshall and conducted in the lab. Seemingly little research into the effects of control types on navigation and spatial memory in VR has been done. To address this, this study investigated the effect of different forms of VR locomotion control on participants' abilities to navigate through and remember their way back through a series of mazes. Embodied/physical locomotion via the Wizdish ROVR treadmill, trackpad-based movement using a controller, and teleport movement with a controller were all compared. The talk will cover the software built to support the study, the study design, results, and the conclusions and potential future work leading on from this.

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