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Thrill Laboratory: Oblivion (2007)

In a follow-on project to Fairground Thrill Laboratory, Brendan Walker and the Mixed Reality Lab collaborated to bring Thrill Laboratory to Alton Tower's Oblivion, the world's first vertical drop roller coaster.

Over three days 80 riders were batch processed through the Laboratory's mixture of scientific and surreal experiments which included:

  • Psychological profiling, assessing thrill seeking tendencies,
  • Rider monitoring, capturing facial expressions, audio commentary, heart rate, stress patterns, and the G-Forces,
  • Analysis of ride videos and data in the laboratory,
  • Mug-shot photographs, exploring riders’ ability to fake emotions,
  • Spot the difference, assessing focus and concentration,
  • Memory maps of each rider’s emotional journey on Oblivion,
  • Palmistry, assessing prehistoric thrill seeking lineage.

Thrill Laboratory: Oblivion

In collaboration with Brendan Walker.


Photo credit: Brendan Walker

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