Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre


UKRIN-MAPS (MRI Acquisition and Processing Standardisation) is an MRC Partnership framework of 13 UKRIN sites, which aims to share expertise and build capacity in renal MRI by developing harmonized protocols across MR field strengths (1.5 and 3T) and MR vendors.  

This project aims to: 

  • Set up harmonised consensus acquisition protocols for B0 and B1 mapping, T1 mapping, T2* BOLD, diffusion weighted imaging, arterial spin labelling and volumetric measures. 
  • Acquire normative renal MRI data in a healthy subject cohort. 
  • Develop data analysis methods. 
  • Implement an online data-sharing platform using XNAT.  

This project will assess the repeatability of the multi-parametric protocol using a “travelling kidney” study, scanning healthy subjects across multiple sites, as well as performing repeat scans at their home site. This, coupled with phantom data, will allow determination and calibration of any between-site differences and assessment of within-site stability. Additional healthy subject data will be acquired which, when pooled with the travelling kidney study, will result in 50 healthy subjects’ data at both 1.5 T and 3T.  

All data analysis will be performed using the UKRIN Kidney Analysis Toolbox (UKAT) developed as part of this project.