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Postgraduate students at a laptop, Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre

PhD teaching


Further details of our teaching can be found on Moodle. Students can self register on these pages.

PhD teaching modules

We hold a variety of PhD teaching modules within the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre. 

F34FMI Functional Medical Imaging

Lecturer: Sue Francis, Physics

third-year undergraduate physics course which aims to introduce MRI, and the brain imaging techniques of functional MRI, electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG), giving an overview of the physics involved in each technique.

This course commences in semester 2 with lectures in the Physics building:

Please contact Sue if you would like to attend.


Lecturer: Matt Brookes and Karen Mullinger, Physics

Run in conjunction with ONBI so places are limited. Runs intensively in semester 2(repeated annually).

Please contact Matt and Karen if you would like to attend the lecture aspect of this course. They will allocate places to the students for whom it is most relevant.

MRI System Hardware 4 x 1.5 hour Lectures

Lecturers: Richard Bowtell and Paul Glover, Physics

SPMIC:UP Seminar Room 

This course will run commencing January 2019.

        RF Hardware 1 – Paul Glover

        RF Hardware 2 – Paul Glover  

        System Architecture and Magnets – Richard Bowtell

        Shims and Gradients – Richard Bowtell

An introduction to pulse programming on the Philips scanner

Lecturer: Sue Francis and Andy Peters, Physics

PPE, pulse sequence structure, sequence development

For people with experience of using a Philips MR scanner.

Pulse programming (7T or 3T) May.

The basics of MRI and hyperpolarization

Lecturer: Thomas Meersmann, Medicine

Concepts and principles, k-space, phase encoding, frequency encoding, basic imaging methods, contrast generation (6 h). Hyperpolarization Nobel gasses (2h).

For students with undergraduate qualifications in physics, maths or engineering.

This course runs in semester 2 in the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, University Park Seminar Room..

Medical imaging methods in the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre

Lecturer: Penny Gowland and Sue Francis, Physics

A directed journal club covering most aspects of our work.

This will commence in the spring term in the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, University Park Seminar Room. Further details can be found on Moodle.

Topics for the summer term include:

  • Spin echo and stimulated echo and FSE
  • 3d and 2d EPI, evi, presto
  • FLASH, spin warp, balanced ffe
  • SENSE and GRAPPA and k space
  • Shimming: Bo and B1
  • Spectroscopy localisation, editing and decoupling
  • Undersampling in MRI
Magnetic Resonance

Lecturer: Richard Bowtell, Physics

This is a 4th Year Undergraduate Physics module which covers the basics of magnetic resonance, beginning with a semi-classical view and then covering the quantum picture. 

Speak to Richard Bowtell if you would like to attend. 


Undergraduate lectures

  • F34FMI Functional Medical Imaging
  • F34NMR Magnetic Resonance
  • F34AIM From Accelerators to Medical Imaging
  • F33OB1 Health Physics
  • F33ONB Molecular Biophysics

There are a handful of spaces on C84NIM, Introduction to Matlab programming (10 credits), which runs Wednesday afternoons, 2-4pm. Students have to register for the module, though, as there are limited places in the laboratory.

Introduction to Matlab Programming (C84NIM UK) (AUT 16-17)Introduction to Matlab Programming module catalogue information (C84NIM)