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Rights and justice are fundamental to the creation of sustainable, open and creative societies. Bringing together 20 research centres, 700 staff members and 300 postgraduate students, this is the largest cluster of rights and justice scholars in the world. 

Our member centres span the arts, social sciences, medicine and engineering, giving us a unique ability to tackle global challenges in a multi-disciplinary way.

Our interests encompass human rights, civil rights, criminal justice, social and economic justice, minority rights and all forms of political and social equality. Our research establishes rights and justice as transformational routes towards the creation of sustainable societies, which are equal, just, secure, free from slavery and unfree labour, with a humane vision towards migrants and a commitment to children's rights.

It also establishes rights and justice as inextricably linked to the development of cultures and communication, via the communicative dimensions of democracy and justice, the role of the historically excluded as creators of culture, and cultures of resistance.

Our impact

We collaborate closely with governments and NGOs around the world, advising on subjects as vital as modern slavery, child welfare, political uprisings, mothers in prisons, asylum seekers, restorative justice, LGBT hate crime and poverty alleviation.

We produce policy-relevant research with our external partners, intervene in national and international debates, and use our research and knowledge exchange to challenge all forms of discrimination and rights violation.

Because our large research area is so multi-disciplinary, our external partners have access to a team of academic experts addressing global challenges, rights and justice from a range of different angles and disciplines.

Our University

Rights and justice are particularly important for the University of Nottingham, as a tri-campus institution. We have a unique opportunity to harness the expertise of multiple countries and work with governments and partners in the UK, China and Malaysia to have a truly global rights and justice lens.

Rights and justice are also important for our relationship with the city and local community—we are a university that embeds itself in society, cares about its impact, seeks the co-production of knowledge with partners, and engages locally as well as globally.

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