Health and Safety


There are a number of event scenarios where the University must ensure the health and safety of participants, whether they be staff, students, exhibitors or members of the public. This duty may be as organiser, owner of premises or participant in a larger event.

Large Events such as Open Days / Mayfest / Exhibitions / Careers Fairs / Graduation / Life Cycle 

The main organisers of the above type of events are responsible for the overall risk assessment. If Schools or Departments organise local activities as part of the event that are not covered by the general risk assessment, they are responsible for carrying out local risk assessments. Examples are available from the Safety Office. 

Event Checklist for significant events MS Word Icon

Event Risk Assessment Template for significant events MS Word Icon

If using third parties to provide services or activities, the event organizer must make due diligence checks of the safety credentials of each third party provider. This should include checking the provider has their own safety documentation and public liability insurance (ideally minimum cover £5m).

Team Building Activities

Participation in team building events or away days will usually be as part of a person’s employment. Such events might include unusual and/or higher risk activities, such as climbing or assault courses, or be in unfamiliar environments. Guidance is available PDF format on the Safety Office website to ensure that the University’s responsibilities relating to the planning of these are addressed.

The external facilitator or provider will be primarily responsible for the safety of the equipment and the conduct of activities provided by them. However, the University is responsible for making reasonable attempts to establish the competency of the provider and the suitability of the activity. There is also likely to be a need to provide information to the participants to ensure that they are properly prepared and know what to expect.

Key elements:

    • Ensuring a risk assessment is carried out for any hazardous activities.
    • Ensuring appropriate health and safety information is obtained from the event provider.
    • Checking suitability of the activity for participating staff.
    • Ensuring appropriate levels of employee and public liability insurance is in place where external providers are used. Commercial services must be consulted in relation to the insurance implications for hazardous activities organised within the University.

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Organising extra-mural activities on University premises

Schools/Departments may wish to permit extra-mural activities such as dance classes, social events, etc. to take place in their facilities. Prior to agreeing this, note should be taken of the guidance on the safety issues PDF format to consider.


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