Learning Leaders - Information for Volunteers

Learning Leaders - Information for Volunteers

Learning Leaders is a school-based volunteering programme, run by staff from the University's Widening Participation and Student Recruitment Outreach team

"I enjoyed all aspects of the project! I developed my confidence and presentation skills and have loved sharing my subject knowledge and passion with the young people" 

Classics Volunteer 2022/23

"I loved teaching astronomy to young, ethusiastic minds and being able to answer all of their fun questions. I'm now considering becoming a primary school teacher, something I'd never thought of doing before" 

Astronomy Volunteer 2022/23

How the programme works

  • The programme is delivered in primary schools in Nottingham, to pupils aged 7-11
  • As a Learning Leaders volunteer, you will work in small groups to plan and deliver a series of fun and engaging sessions to pupils, around topics linked to your degree subject 
  • You will take part in interactive training sessions, to help develop your skills in working with young people and plan sessions that are appropriate for primary school pupils 

Why we deliver this programme

  • Learning Leaders works with young people in disadvantaged communities, helping to increase social mobilty and reduce the gap between disadvantaged and advantaged pupils 
  • It helps to promote a love of learning and an interest in your subject
  • The programme promotes the benefits of Higher Education, through providing pupils with information and aspirational role models (you!)
  • It gives schools and pupils an opportunity to access our knowlege and resources 

What you will gain

  • Learning Leaders is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience of working with young people, develop your communication and presentation skills, share your passion for your subject, and have fun! You will also have the chance to develop leadership skills by being a Team Leader for your group

How to get involved 

  • Learning Leaders operates in partnership with specific academic schools/departments, as shown below. If you are interested in taking part, or you would like to find out more information, please contact the academic lead in your department

The deadline to sign-up to the Spring Learning Leaders programme is 24th January

School/Department Name            Email address                             
History Joe Merton


Classics and Archaeology Andrew Souter 


Psychology  Chris Madan


Pharmacy Hilary Collins 


Physics and Astronomy  Planetarium Team


Philosophy/ Theology and Religious Studies Andrew Fisher


Cultures, Langauges and Area Studies   Katherine Gallagher



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