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Supporting Women* during Covid

The 'Supporting Women* during Covid' working group is being led by Dr Isobel O'Neil.

Women in particular have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic. The group's main goal is to try to tackle the added inequalities and drawbacks that this virus has brought on women.

They are positive that there will be significant outcomes, and confident that actions will be put in place to protect and improve the lives of women during this pandemic, and afterwards.


Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum

The Faculty ‘Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum’ Sphere Challenge Working Group is currently being led by Gemma Bancroft.

The Committee working on De-Colonising the Curriculum has reflected carefully on the following interlinked axes: culture, pedagogy and content/curriculum. They have worked to bring together resources to be shared across the Faculty and also prompts for reflection to facilitate staff's reflections on their own teaching practices and belief systems.

A Guide for Critical Reflection and Action towards Decolonising the Curriculum has now been developed and introduced across the Faculty. The committee are now working on enhancing and developing the Guide further into a comprehensive digital tool.



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