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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is fully committed to realising equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) among staff and students in our cultures, policies and practices.

This involves working hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome and that they can belong in this community, and that they are supported to be successful in their work.

It also means being willing to recognise where we are not getting it right, and being committed to do what it takes to eliminate racism, sexism, ableism, classism, heteronormativity, and other oppressions. We recognise that these intersect to marginalise and exclude people, particularly those with protected characteristics.

As a faculty, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to the institutional and societal transformation that is needed to address injustice in its many forms. Our work focuses on the dimensions of society and culture, education, law, economics and business, geography, and politics, all of which are implicated in reinforcing patterns of oppression and exclusion. Equally, all of these dimensions, and others, have the potential to disrupt these patterns and point to possibilities of equity and social justice.

The faculty has a vibrant and engaged EDI team, involved in a number of initiatives aligned with the university's EDI Strategic Delivery Plan and designed to make EDI a reality.

Please do be in touch with us if you have ideas about how to make the faculty a more equitable, diverse and inclusive place to learn and work.

Meet the team

Jeremy Gregory

Professor Jeremy Gregory, Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Social Sciences

Michelle Stirk

Dr Michelle Stirk, Faculty Director for EDI

Ashley Collins

Ashley Collins, Faculty EDI Manager


Faculty EDI Committee (FEDIC)

This committee supports the implementation of the university’s EDI Strategy for staff and students at a local level. The Committee reports to Faculty Executive Board and the University EDI Committee.

FEDIC members and their email addresses


Key EDI projects

The Faculty of Social Sciences is pleased to announce that they are currently working on the following Sphere Challenges:




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