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Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter is designed to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education. 

The university is committed to providing the best support, the best learning experience and the best working environment for its students and staff, regardless of racial background. We want our students and staff to be confident that racial equality is taken seriously at the university. 

The Race Equality Charter gives us a framework in which to identify, explore and consider issues affecting the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic students and staff at the university. It is a useful process through which we can drive culture and process change – institution wide. 

We are working to improve the experience of studying and working at the university for our BME students and staff. The Race Equality Charter mark is an indication of how well we are doing that. Our staff and students hold us to account internally, while Advance HE do the same externally via the charter mark. 

We are using the established charter framework to help us provide better opportunities, support, guidance, qualifications, training and platforms to BME staff and students — to assess and improve our current provision, and to bring new, creative processes and services online. 

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Race equality in practice

At the heart of the university lies a steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for our university community where every individual, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, feels valued and supported. 

The university is on a transformative journey to ensure that we not only reflect the rich tapestry of our global community, but also actively work towards dismantling systemic barriers that prevent inclusion. 

Find out more about the ongoing work behind the scenes to establish the university as a truly anti-racist institution.

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Race equality in practice: Black Industry Connections and Empowerment Programme

People in a meeting

Race Equality in practice: a case study in decolonising the public health curriculum

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Race equality in practice: Grit Black Leaders Programme

Summer school attendees

Race equality in practice: summer school for rising researchers

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Race Equality in practice: a case study in decolonising the curriculum

Person with a head covering talking on the phone

New guidance on hair and head coverings published at the university










Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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