Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

University EDI initiatives 

Changing culture and practices in equality, diversity and inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. 

Let's be Clear on Consent
This intitative has been set up by the university to raise awareness about sexual consent amongst our students and staff.


Review of support of disabled staff

A full review of support for disabled staff at the university has been published, examining the levels of support available and how this is accessed and experienced by disabled staff.

Let's be clear about EDI

A campaign to inform, educate, and guide people through the core values behind equality, diversity and inclusion and show how the university embeds it in all we do. 



Sphere programme

The Sphere Programme is a key element of the university's EDI Strategic Delivery Plan – the overarching theme which joins up different EDI activity across the university. 

EDI Resource Bank

The EDI Resource Bank was developed as part of the STEMM-Change project to be a new, open-access database which brings together materials to support EDI work in a range of HE settings.



EDI in practice Sharepoint

The Equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in practice sharepoint is a shop window to browse the work that is going on across the university, open to anyone with an interest in EDI.






Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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