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Professor Todd Landman, Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Social Sciences

Todd Landman

As a human rights scholar, I have long taught and researched topics related to equality, equal protection of the law, and individual and group rights, and I have a firm commitment to inclusivity.

I have worked in the UK for half of my life and have travelled the world to over 50 countries working on measuring, monitoring, analysing, and advancing human rights.

This work brings a perspective on our working and learning community here at Nottingham, where all the schools in our Faculty teach and research across a wide range of areas that address key questions and dimensions of EDI.

I am keen to advance EDI in all our structures, processes, and policies, and across our staff and student community in ways that create a welcoming and rewarding environment in which to study and change the world for the better.



Professor Elizabeth Walton, Faculty Director for EDI

Elizabeth Walton

I come to EDI from my academic field in Inclusive Education, where my research is concerned to identify exclusionary pressures and practices in education and understand how they are engendered and sustained. This forms the basis for questions about how a more inclusive and equitable education system can be realised.

I moved to Nottingham from South Africa, and retain a focus on education in the Global South, with a particular interest in decolonisation. While being sensitive to many protected characteristics, I am particularly concerned about disability access and race equality, and recognise the intersectional impact of compounded discrimination.

I bring to the EDI Director role my experience of enabling schools to be disability inclusive, and more recently, of my involvement in efforts to advance racial transformation in South African Higher Education.

My lived experience as an international staff member at the University of Nottingham gives me some insight into the challenges and opportunities of international staff and students.

I recognise that EDI work is difficult, because it forces us to confront our privilege and preference for the comfort of the status quo. But I welcome the opportunity to work with fantastic colleagues and students to learn together to be better and do better, and to play our part in realising a more equitable, diverse and inclusive institution and society. 



Dr Helen Creswick, Faculty EDI Co-ordinator

Helen Creswick

I was delighted to have been appointed as an EDI Coordinator, aligned with the Faculty of Social Sciences, earlier this year.

I am keen to support the faculty to identify and develop local priorities and to deliver actions that are linked to the Institution’s EDI Strategic Delivery Plan.

I am passionate about EDI and whilst I am interested in all aspects and areas, I came to this space with a particular interest in intersectionality and how the combination of multiple characteristics may impact on levels of (in)equality.

My PhD and work experience with those who experienced domestic violence has heightened my understanding and awareness of how intersectionality plays out in this context.

My role is to support and coordinate EDI activity and initiatives across the Faculty working to share best practice and to work in partnership with the rest of the University to ensure a flow of communication and support.

I am encouraged by the considerable work and commitment to EDI by those in the Faculty and in particular to the Sphere Challenges for this year, and I look forward to helping to progress, embed and champion EDI work going forward.



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