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The school currently contributes toward the following blogs:

Centre for Applied Social Research

The Centre for Applied Social Research is a wide ranging interdisciplinary grouping which aims to understand the theoretical, policy and practice issues surrounding social care, health, criminal justice practices, the processes of caring and the nature and impact of social interventions. We do this through undertaking innovative theoretical and empirical research, informing social interventions and care practices.


The ENQUIRE Blog is an open platform primarily for postgraduate social sciences researchers to share their research, theoretical or methodological reflections with the world. We are very keen on featuring discussions on pressing contemporary social issues. The blog is run by postgraduate researchers in the School of Sociology and Social Policy. We welcome submissions from postgraduate students and early career academics from all social sciences related disciplines and from any academic institution.

Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

The IMH blog is affiliated with the Institute of Mental Health (University of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust) and is maintained by the IMH Blog Team. It is a forum to encourage dialog about issues related to mental health. Our aim is to capture the variety of interest and expertise that is reflected in the Institute's diverse membership body.

International Centre for Public and Social Policy

The International Centre for Public and Social Policy (IcPSP) brings research into social policies and public policies together, enabling closer collaboration between academics and researchers, doctoral students and taught Masters students from both disciplines.

We investigate a range of the many local, regional, national, cross-national and global developments, issues and social problems which are relevant to contemporary societies. Our aim is to alert a diverse audience of users, practitioners, voluntary organisations and policy-makers to our research in order to help shape discussions of the policy reforms crucial to the future prosperity and well-being of society.

Making Science Public

This blog promotes discussion of topics related to the research programme 'Making Science Public: Challenges and Opportunities'. Our purpose is not to 'make science public'. Instead, we want to study the opportunities that have emerged for science to be more openly practiced and debated, but also the challenges posed by making science public or by promoting the making public of science as a solution to a variety of problems in society and in politics.

This blog will report on these and other issues related to the Leverhulme funded research programme: Making Science Public: Challenges and Opportunities.


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