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The University offers a counselling service to all students and staff. Information is on our website; please search the below FAQs if you need additional information.



The Counselling Service is available, free of charge, to all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students and to all University staff.


When you are experiencing problems it can be helpful to talk about them with someone else. You might turn to a friend or family member, but there are times when it can also be useful to talk to an impartial person such as a counsellor who is experienced in helping you to think about your difficulties when you are feeling stressed or distressed.

Your counsellor will help you to reflect on your situation and to think about your needs and possible choices.

A Counselling Consultation offers you the opportunity to talk about concerns in a way that's different to talking to someone you are close to. A counsellor can help you get perspective on the situation, and it can feel easier to express yourself.

Making an appointment to see a counsellor is a decision only you can make, even when someone has recommended it to you.


The counselling service is based at The Orchards on University Park and Main Building on Sutton Bonington.  We are a Sutton Bonington three times a week.

Your initial session can be conducted in-person, over the phone or MS Teams depending on availability and your preference.


If you want to book a counselling consultation, visit the the University Counselling Service webpages.



The Counselling Service takes confidentiality very seriously. All client information is treated in confidence. This means that we do not disclose verbal or written information without your permission or consent.

Where you have given consent to a third party (non-UoN) body i.e. police etc to have access to your notes, you will be invited in prior to their release to review them and to be advised of the potential emotional implications.

The only exceptions are where there is a legal obligation to disclose information (which is very rare) or when a member of the service believes the client or other people are at serious risk. In these circumstances we will seek your consent to pass on concerns before information is disclosed.


The NHS University Health Centre on University Park provides a range of services including access to specialist services (including psychiatric services) on site. Students should register there when they arrive and can still visit a GP at home as a temporary patient if they need to.

If they haven’t registered, they can still call and get an appointment, with the agreement they’ll register as soon as possible.

Contact the University Health Centre

Students studying at Sutton Bonnington can register with local practices and we have a close working relationship with the Orchard Practice in Kegworth, where many students are registered.


Every student is assigned a personal tutor who is a dedicated academic to help when with any personal or academic issue. Their tutor will be able to help them work out the best next steps.

A student can also get help from their Support and Wellbeing Officer, who are part of the student wellbeing service. They are specialists in support and wellbeing who can provide support and advice and help refer to other services.

Contact support and wellbeing

If they want it, your loved one can request an academic peer mentor in their first term. This is a student from the year above who can give them help with their new studies.


If they’re living on campus or in university supported accommodation such as Broadgate Park, St Peters Court, Raleigh Park or Riverside Point, we have a residential experience team who are there to support them.

Link to Residential Experience - The University of Nottingham

If your loved one is living in private rented or other third-party accommodation, they can find help and advice about any issues affecting them in the community by contacting our Off-Campus Affairs Team.

Contact the Off-Campus Affairs Team


If your loved one would benefit from more specialist mental health support they can access this through teams such as the Support and Wellbeing team and Residential Experience team.

They can refer students to counselling and mental health support provided by the university and can also help explain support available from local mental health and wellbeing services.

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