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Information for students who are due to graduate is available on our website. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.


If you have not received any direct information regarding graduation a month prior to your expected ceremony, please contact the events team.


Students have the option to request to defer their graduation when registration opens for their ceremonies.

Please note that deferring graduation means that you will not receive a certificate until you graduate; this may impact on applications for jobs and further study.

Requests to defer graduation must be received well in advance of graduation; deadlines for 2022 will be published shortly.


Yes, you can also graduate in absentia (without a ceremony) in March or October, referred to as inter-ceremony graduation. If you choose to do this, you won't be able to attend a ceremony in person. If you want to attend a ceremony, you'll have to graduate in the usual way and wait for your certificate.

If you need to receive your certificate early and want to apply for inter-ceremony graduation, please complete the online application form

You'll need to get this back to us by 20 February for March graduation or 20 September for October graduation. Once you have submitted the form you will be able to read a message on your screen to confirm that the form has been submitted. There is no need for you to submit the form more than once.

After the deadline your application will go through a series of checks including verification that you have completed your course and a debt check. Before the official conferral date, you will receive an email advising you if you are eligible for inter-ceremony graduation or not. Providing you are eligible your certificate will be posted out after the conferral date.


The University is unable to reimburse you for any travel or accommodation you may have booked. Please contact your travel provider or insurer directly for support.   


Graduates from Summer 2022 will receive both electronic and hard copy versions of certificates and transcripts. Electronic versions are shared via email linking to an online portal called PremierCert. Hard copy documents will be sent out via Royal Mail following graduation.


Yes, you can have your name corrected to match your official identification document by completing the form found here by 4 July 2022.

For any queries regarding name changes please contact



Ceremonies are expected to last about an hour.

Please note that it is important that graduates and guests are seated 30 minutes before the ceremony starts so please do ensure you leave plenty of time for your ceremony.  


We recognise that, as much as our students and graduates are excited about the ceremonies, equally many people do not know what to expect during the ceremony.  

The ceremony will take place in a graduation hall with a stage where the platform party sits and separate seating in the hall for guests and graduates. Academics and graduates will be in academic dress. The ceremony starts with an official procession to the stage. The core part of the ceremony is when graduates cross the stage.

They are directed to the stage at the right time so that they cross the stage when their name is read out (this is why you must sit in the correct seat). Ceremonies are exciting and celebratory and everyone is encouraged to clap and cheer enthusiastically during the stage-crossing.  

We also recognise that many students and graduates feel anxious about the ceremony. The Events Team is always happy to speak with anyone concerned about the day to put appropriate support measures in place.  


It is not possible for students or graduates to choose to attend a different ceremony.

However, it is possible to go as a guest to any ceremony if you wish to and have a ticket.  


Yes, you will be invited to both ceremonies and you can choose if you wish to attend one or both. If you choose to attend just one ceremony, then you can decide which ceremony you wish to attend. It is your celebration, so you can choose which cohort you share your celebration with.

You will need to hire the gown for your highest award and in the ceremony, you will cross the stage once but your name with be read out for both of your awards. 

You can instead choose to attend both ceremonies and treat them as separate events.

You can celebrate with both cohorts, but you will need to hire two sets of gowns, one for each award.

Your name will be read out at each ceremony for the award relevant to that ceremony. 

When registration opens, please let us know what you have decided.  You will be able to do this through the registration system, we will prompt you by asking the question.

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