It's all led to this moment

After all your hard work you're almost there! Summer graduation is fast approaching and it will soon be time to come together to celebrate your efforts at your graduation ceremony and to welcome you to your alumni community. 

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Graduation live stream

Summer graduation

16 - 24 July 2024

Get ready

Winter graduation

10 - 13 December 2024

Ceremony dates and times


Your graduation options

You can decide when, where and how you graduate from the three options below.

Attend your ceremony

Come and celebrate with us! Check the ceremony dates and times to see when yours is and get planning.


Defer your graduation

If you can't make your ceremony, you can choose to defer and attend your ceremony at a later date. If you choose to defer your graduation, you will not receive your certificate until your chosen graduation date.

Receive your certificate

If you decide not to attend a graduation ceremony, you will graduate in absentia. We will post your certificate to you after the ceremony.



Quick links for summer 2024

Looking for something? Here's a list of quick links to important information about your graduation.



Graduation marks the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication from our students. Giving family, friends, and staff at the university the opportunity to congratulate our new graduates and celebrate their achievements. Mark the occasion by sharing your snaps on Instagram and tagging @uniofnottingham #WeAreUoN